Marroni Vermicelli Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Flour

Marroni Vermicelli cakeIngredients:
220 ml almond / hazelnut milk
140g melted coconut oil
3 organic eggs
150g chestnuts
70g high quality Swiss dark chocolate
150g Spelt flour
70g hazelnuts flour
1/4 cup agave syrup
2 tsp baking powder without aluminum
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 vanilla bean

1. Mix all dry ingredients.
2. Melt the chocolate and milk. And set aside to cool.
3. In a mixer bowl, Beat the eggs, add the coconut oil and vanilla.
4. Add the agave and 20% flour. Mix well.
5. Put the chestnuts into a food processor and run until they become almost flour. Add the chestnuts and the rest of the flour to the mixture, and mix into a smooth mixture.
6. Add the chocolate batter and mix.
7. Grease your mold and fill almost to the edges. Bake at 190C (90 F) for 40-50 min.
* Decorate with Vermicelli / chestnuts cream.

Vermicelles Marroni hazelnut chocolate cakeHazelnut flour chocolate cakeMarroni Vermicelli cake

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